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A guide for speaking publicly about suicides

This guide, from the Australian Mindframe project, aims to provide some practical tips on safe ways to discuss suicide publicly, ensuring any risks are managed while also increasing the community understanding of suicide.

Telling Others’ Stories, Telling Your Own Story

Adding power to our voices: A framing guide for communicating about injury

Includes framing theory, message development techniques and vehicles for explaining public health statistics.

Telling Others’ Stories, Telling Your Own Story

Faces and Voices of Recovery

These web pages from Faces and Voices of Recovery provide “Recovery Messaging” training to help people in recovery from addiction and their families to speak publicly about their experiences in a way that helps build public support for people getting the help they need to recover.  Featured tip sheets and other resources offers guidance on working with the media, outreach to policymakers, public speaking, and other kinds of messaging. 

Working with News Media, Public Speaking, Recovery, Telling Others’ Stories, Telling Your Own Story

Impact and value: Telling your program's story

The purpose of this workbook is to help public health program administrators understand what a “success story” is, why it is important to tell success stories, and how to develop success stories.

Working with News Media, Telling Others’ Stories, Telling Your Own Story

Special considerations for telling your own story: Best practices for presentations by suicide loss and suicide attempt survivors

This document outlines best practices for suicide loss and suicide attempt survivors who are considering sharing their story with the public. The best practices were created by a group of experts in the suicide prevention community and include information on: assessing readiness to speak; considering family reactions and potential social ramifications; resources for safe messaging; speaking to the media; self-care; and other considerations.

Suicide Attempt Survivors, Presentations, Telling Your Own Story

Youth advocate to advocate for youth: The next transition

This guide, which is intended for young people, helps youth focus on advocating for change by telling their stories and working on the transition to adulthood.

Youth, Telling Your Own Story