988 Messaging Framework

In July 2022, our country entered a new era of crisis services, marked by the adoption of 988 as the new easy to remember three-digit dialing code for anyone experiencing a suicidal or mental health crisis.

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What is the Framework?

Strategy involves planning and focusing messages, so they are as effective as possible.

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WHAT it’s about

The Framework for Successful Messaging is a resource to help people messaging about suicide to develop messages that are strategic, safe, positive, and make use of relevant guidelines and best practices.

It was created by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention as part of its focus on changing the public conversation about suicide.

WHY it’s important

Because messaging matters! Certain types of public messaging about suicide can increase risk among vulnerable individuals.

Conversely, communications can be a powerful tool to promote resiliency, encourage help-seeking, publicize prevention successes, and encourage actions that help prevent suicide.

HOW it’s unique

It’s for suicide prevention messengers, rather than the media.

It addresses “public messaging”: any communications released into the public domain. From posters, PSAs, and social media to websites, newsletters, fundraising appeals, event publicity, press interactions, public talks, and advocacy efforts, each contributes to the public’s perceptions about suicide and suicide prevention.